At Volt Edge, we survive on word of mouth and personal recommendations. We don’t have a fancy sales manager we rely on guys seeing the quality of our training courses and realising that after this course “I will actually be able to do this!”

The following testimonials are from participants who completed training with Volt Edge.



Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 02/03/17 Location: Brisbane
"This is the second course I have completed with Volt Edge and both times I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Training content was relevant and delivered professionally. Flexible hours, quality of training & friendly staff."


Course attended: HA Inspector Date attended: 10/02/2017 Location: Brisbane
"Very well presented. Mark had a great way of explaining the course content; working through and discussing issues as a group - will definitely continue to further my qualifications with Voltedge."


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 10/02/17 Location: Perth
"Trainers knowledge on H/A and the way he delivered the course was excellent. I have learnt a lot and hope to put the new knowledge and skills to work."


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 20/09/17 Location: Brisbane
"Really impressed by the overall training and leader, very professional. The training content was very good and thorough."


Course attended: HV Date attended: 20/09/17 Location: Brisbane
"Great course where you get full hands on experience."


Course attended: HV Date attended: 15/02/17 Location: Mackay
"Learning from real life experiences from the trainer was very interesting and assisted me in understanding/getting a better understanding of what is involved and the risks associated. Brilliant trainer, Thank you!!"


Course attended: CIV HA Date attended: 17/02/17 Location: Melbourne
"Very good course. I found it challenging but that is what its supposed to be. I look forward to the next one!"


Course attended: Communications and Network Protocols Date attended: 10/05/18 Location: Online
"I found the Communications and Network Protocols course a really good introduction and benefited from it as a refresher plus learnt new concepts also. My weakness is with communications, so the more short courses I do through volt edge the better. I enjoy the courses as they are practical orientated and not overly difficult. If I'm not getting the experience in my job, these courses help fill the gaps and will help my resume."


Course attended: HV Date attended: 22/03/17 Location: Melbourne
"Excellent presentation. Increased my knowledge and awareness to an exceptional level."


Course attended: HV Date attended: 22/03/17 Location: Melbourne
"Very in depth look at HV Switching with correct ways to go about preparing access/test/vicinity permits."


Course attended: CIV Instrumental Date attended: 29/03/17 Location: Brisbane
"Great course, the trainer was awesome. Tonnes of knowledge and experience and great at making relevant comments on how you would use apparatus etc. in the work place. Incredibly patient. Course is definitely well done and not a cash grab like some other RTO's."


Course attended: HV Date attended: 05/04/17 Location: Melbourne
"Spot on, we will be back and I will continue to send my team to the center. We will be looking into what other training we can do with Volt Edge. It is comfortable to know that my employees are receiving extensive and thorough training."


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 07/04/17 Location: Darwin
"Course was challenging but good because it allowed me to soak in as much information about this course (Hazardous Areas) as possible. Allowing me to walk away from this course confident about working within a Hazardous Area."


Course attended: HV Ref Date attended: 03/06/17 Location: Melbourne
"Great course, with a great teacher. Full of real life industry knowledge."


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 11/04/17 Location: Newcastle
"Professionally run industry based course. Not a “tick & flick” course that requires effort to complete. A valuable qualification on completion."


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 10/03/17 Location: Sydney
"Enjoyable 5 day course, trainer was helpful and really knew what he was teaching in depth, but was able to communicate it in a easy to understand way. Would strongly suggest this training organisation to others in my industry/works."


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 11/02/17 Location: Perth
"Very professional company from admin staff when enquiring, to engineering background lecturer whom has a vast knowledge of industries and can give detailed explanations.


Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 29/01/16 Location: Sydney
"The trainers knowledge of the subject is exceptional. The course was challenging but very educational and very interesting."

W. Stockton

Course attended: HV switching Date attended: 13/07/15 Location: Melbourne
"I found the Coordination course challenging due to little experience but a patient teacher helped me through when I was ready to give up and now I am so pleased I stuck with it. Great course would recommend to all of my sparky friends."

D. Short

Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 13/07/15 Location: Perth
"Info was given clearly, Trainer's knowledge on subject was great, structure of course was good."

M. Fee

Course attended: EEHA Date attended: 13/07/15 Location: Perth
"Volt Edge was recommended to me for one reason. Ïf you wish to learn something and not just a piece of paper... do the Volt Edge course."


Course attended: HV Date attended: 20/09/17 Location: Brisbane
"A well set out course, interesting and Tony was easily able to explain things to someone with learned electricity knowledge. Great course, THANKS!"

J. Hodierne

Course attended: HV Date attended: 26/03/15 Location: Perth
"The service from the company admin to allow me to sit the course on the date the suited me was greatly appreciated. I fell I have more to learn but Voltedge and trainer have made me confident and competent to perform HV switching safely and smartly."

S. Flanagan

"Unfortunately I have already completed my cert IV Electrical Instrumentation last year through another RTO. However I wish I had done this course through your company, as I know that the course you are offering would of provided a much better learning experience through both theory and practical. But from now on I will be recommending your company to everyone who asks about a Cert IV Instro course. Over the past year I have completed different courses through different RTOs and I want you to know that the courses and trainers that you provide are the best, most in depth and most industry related courses getting around."