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Skills obtained in this course:

Simulated Work Environment

Our practical assessments include making a compound filled gland and undertaking close and detailed inspections.


Conduct visual inspections. Conduct detailed inspections of hazardous areas installations.

Maintain & Testing

Maintain equipment in hazardous areas. Conduct testing of hazardous areas.

Installs & Breakdowns

Attend to breakdowns in hazardous areas. Install explosion protected equipment & wiring systems.


Our Trainers

Dave Peall

Qualified refrigeration, air conditioning technician with 40+ years Australian and overseas contracting marine and facilities management experience

Certificate II in Split Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Systems

Course Description

Upon completion of this course you will be able to quote, install and design reverse cycle air conditioning units. This course teaches you to assemble and position, start up single-head split air-conditioning units and systems to a prescribed routine. This includes wall hung, floor and ceiling suspended, cassette and ducted fan coil split systems and water heating heat.

Once successfully completed, you can apply for the licence required to install and decommission single-head, split system air-conditioners, up to 18 Kilowatts. This course does not have an electrical outcome, covers installing units and interconnecting pipe work.

Content Delivery

This is course will be delivered by online theory and a 2 day face to face practical.


Upon successful completion, students will have the skills to:
Fabricate tubing and attach fittings for refrigeration and/or air conditioning systems.
Assemble, install and start up split AC’s and water heating heat pump systems.
Decommission split air conditioning and water heating heat pump systems.
Test single head split AC’s and water heating heat pump systems and document.
Recover refrigerants, pressure and leak test, evacuate and charge split systems.
Follow a personal competency development plan.
Complete and report refrigerants recovery, pressure and leak test and evacuate and charge work.

Training is completed face to face.

24hr access to Volt Edge support network.

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Unit of Competencies
Unit Code Unit Name
UEENEEJ102A Prepare and connect refrigerant tubing and fittings.
UEENEEJ105A Position, assemble and start up single head split air conditioning and water heating heat pump systems.
UEENEEJ172A Recover, pressure test, evacuate, charge and leak test refrigerants – split systems.
UEENEEE038B Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan



To be eligible you need to be a licenced Electrician or Restricted Electrical Licence – which meets the pre-requisite requirements as a minimum listed below. Before attending the course, students must also apply to Australia Refrigeration Council (ARC) www.arctick.org for a Classroom Trainee Refrigerant Handling Licence. This can take up to two weeks to obtain the licence, so please apply early.

For further Trainee Refrigerant Handling Licence information, click here.

Note: Please contact our office for further information regarding this licence at 1300 761 366.
Students who intend to work in Victoria please note that eligibility to be registered or licenced by the Plumbing Industry Commission Victoria (1300 815 127) is the responsibility of the student.

Course Cost and Duration

$1,450.00 (GST Free).


This – UEE20111 Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems satisfies the requirements for workers to apply for a Refrigerant Handling Licence with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).