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PMA30116 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations

Course Description

The PMA30116 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations is a technical qualification for advanced operators and operations technicians who use production equipment to directly produce product. At this level, operators/technicians would undertake more advanced operations, typically of integrated plant units in accordance with the operating procedures, and would apply their knowledge to anticipate problems. They would be expected to solve a range of foreseen and unforeseen problems, using product and process knowledge to develop solutions to problems which do not have a known solution, or a solution recorded in the procedures.

Content Delivery

With theory online and practicals in the workplace, this is course that makes approximately 12 months depending on how much access students have to the site.


RPL is available if students wish to get recognition for prior learning. This process commences with a self-appraising questionnaire that students complete and return to help our trainer identify the units of competency students may need to complete.


Students will undertake theory assessments and hands on practicals in their workplace.
To gain a qualification students will need to complete 5 core units and 16 elective units.

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Skills obtained

Install & Configure

Accurately follow the workplace protocol of complex processes.

Simulated Work Environment

Benefit from the close and detailed guidance of our trainers in person.

Environmental Procedures

Understand your workplaces’ role in applying environmental policies to your specific industry.

Risk Management

Determine likelihoods and consequences to implement appropriate procedures.

Unit of Competencies
Unit Code Unit Name
PMA30116 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations.
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices.
MSMSUP100 Apply workplace context to own job.
MSMSUP102 Communicate in the workplace.
MSMWHS110 Follow emergency response procedures.
MSMWHS200 Work safely.
----------- -----------
MSMOPS200 Operate Equipment.
PMAOPS300 Operate a production unit.
PMAOPS304 Operate and monitor compressor systems and equipment.
PMAOPS305 Operate process control systems.
MSMSUP240 Undertake minor maintenance.
MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres.
PMAOPS101 Read dials and indicators.
PMAOPS223 Operate and monitor valve systems.
PMAOPS234 Monitor and operate low pressure compressors.
PMAOPS246 Operate separation equipment.
PMAOPS280 Interpret process plant schematics.
PMASUP245 Break and make flanged joints using hand tools.
MSMPER205 Enter confined space.
MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit.
PMAOPS221 Operate and monitor prime movers.
MSMSUP390 Use structured problem-solving tools.
MSMSUP200 Achieve work outcomes.
MSMSUP210 Process and record information
MSMSUP303 Identify equipment faults


Students must be currently employed in the industry (Oil and Gas).

Course Cost and Duration

The maximum course cost is $5, 000.00 – however, if students hold any units of competency required in this course, we would require a copy of the students Academic Transcripts as this can not only reduce study time but costing as well.

$10/nominal hour – costs will vary depending on previous units completed and electives selected.

Additional Information

Volt Edge requires, in addition to the core units, a combination of Elective competency standard units to achieve a total weighing of 21 points.
The elective units will be determined by Volt Edge upon application.

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