UEE40420 Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation

  • Accredited course.
  • Theory delivered online and self-paced.
  • Practical delivered face to face with trainer support and guidance.
  • Emphasis on selection, installation, commission, and fault finding.

UEE40420 Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation

Course Description

UEE40420 Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation is a qualification generally completed by electricians to upskill give them themselves with Instrumentation knowledge and experience.

The below units are offered, as students completing our course are already qualified Electricians, you will receive a credit transfer for any electrical units required by this qualification.

To be eligible to undertake the course you must currently hold an Australian Unrestricted Electrical Licence or hold the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician qualification.

Course Delivery

Stage 1: is completed online self-paced through our online learning system which is completely flexible and self-paced and equates to approximately 70 hrs of online learning.

Stage 2: is a two week intensive practical delivered in one of our training facilities (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne). 

The length of time you will be required to attend over the two (2) weeks will vary depending on your Electives and other competencies already completed.

Our Training Team will let you know which days you will be required to attend depending on your Electives and other competencies already completed.

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Skills Obtained

Simulated Work Environment

Simulated Work Environment

Benefit from the close and detailed guidance of our trainers in person.

Problem solving

Problem solving

Apply higher-level order thinking skills to promote workplace initiative and resolution.

Install & Configure

Install & Configure

Accurately follow the workplace protocol of complex processes.

IT Integration

IT Integration

Incorporate technological proficiency to your workplace development.

UEECD0010 Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report
UEECD0024 Implement and monitor energy sector WHS policies and procedures
UEECD0027 Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
UEEIC0013 Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers
UEEIC0015 Develop, enter and verify word and analogue control programs for programmable logic controllers
UEEIC0018 Diagnose and rectify faults in digital controls systems
UEEIC0021 Find and rectify faults in process final control elements
UEEIC0022 Install instrumentation and control apparatus and associated equipment
UEEIC0023 Install instrumentation and control cabling and tubing
UEEIC0029 Set up and adjust PID control loops
UEEIC0030 Set up and adjust advanced PID process control loops
UEEIC0031 Set up and configure human-machine interface (HMI) and industrial networks
UEEIC0038 Solve problems in density/level measurement components and systems
UEEIC0039 Solve problems in flow measurement components and systems
UEEIC0041 Solve problems in pressure measurement components and systems
UEEIC0043 Solve problems in temperature measurement components and systems
UEEIC0047 Use instrumentation drawings, specifications, standards and equipment manuals
UEERE0015 Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures

Students must hold a UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Electrician qualification or equivalent or hold an Unrestricted Electrical Licence – Electrical Mechanic. Currently we do not offer the Electrical units required by this qualification.

Please note: to simply have an electrical fitter license is not sufficient.

Full Cost Gst Inc $2000.00
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