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Confined Spaces

Course Description

This course allows workers to perform basic risk assessments and enter a confined space to conduct work under an issued permit.Acquire the skills and knowledge required to enter and work in confined spaces in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles undertaking work in confined spaces.

Content Delivery

Our course is delivered face to face for all theory and assessment.


Upon successful completion you will have the skills to:
Access, interpret and apply procedures for confined space entry and the environmental management plan and ensure the work activity is compliant.
Obtain, confirm, clarify and apply work instructions, agreed procedure, implement signage, barrier, environmental protection, and safety requirements, and emergency response procedure.
Select tools and equipment for the tasks, check for serviceability and rectify or report any faults.
Ensure that the atmosphere is tested and monitored for harmful elements.
Correctly apply tagging and lock-out procedures.
Enter and exit the confined space correctly.
Maintain ongoing communication with the stand-by person.
Recover tools, equipment and materials.
Remove tagging and lock-out.

Refresher Training

Industry Standard is to refresh your Confined Spaces and Working at Heights training every 2 years.We offer a Refresher course for students who have completed a Confined Space and/or Working at Heights course previously.Our combined refresher course is delivered face to face in 1 day (includes both confined spaces and working at heights) or 1/2 day each. Refresher Training Delivery includes a brief introduction and refresh knowledge, written Assessments, and a practical.

Refresher Training Delivery includes:
Brief introduction and refresh knowledge
Written Assessments

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Skills obtained

Simulated Work Environment

Practical training to replicate onsite situations when working in a confined space.

Plan & Prepare

Plan and prepare for access to confined space, interpret and apply procedures safely in a simulated


Test and monitor atmosphere in confined space prior and during work.

Exit and Clean

Exit, recover tools and equipment, conduct inspection, secure access, clear and clean site.

Unit of Competencies
Unit Code Unit Name
RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces



Course Cost and Duration

CSQ Funding student fee – $20 (GST Free).
Full course – $240.00 (GST Free).
Combined Refresher – $420 (GST Incl).
Individual Refresher – $200 (GST Incl).

CSQ funding available to eligible QLD students only, for more info on eligibility and student contribution fees click here.

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Stuart Urquhart
Stuart has 30+ years of industry experience, in mining and machinery operation.

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