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Conformity Assessment (UG)

Course Description

This course covers assessing the Certification documentation of explosion-protected equipment with a certificate of conformity other than an IEC Ex, ANZ Ex or AUS Ex Certificate, and producing a conformity assessment document. It encompasses skills and knowledge to examine and compare document content, compare requirements of IEC or AS/NZS Standards with alternative Standards on which the original certification was based, knowledge of explosion-protection techniques and technical report writing. The Australian hazardous area compliance is achieved by a Conformity Assessment Document which is a document that compares the standard that a particular piece of hazardous area equipment or a group of hazardous area equipment was designed and certified to. The comparison is to ensure that only equipment used has an equivalent level of safety to those certified in Australia.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered over 4 days. Available only in Brisbane.

Training is completed face to face.

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Unit of Competencies
Unit Code Unit Name
UEENEEM035A Conduct a conformity assessment of explosion-protected equipment – coal mining



UEENEEC004B Prepare specifications for the supply of materials and equipment for electrotechnology projects.
UEENEEE015B Develop design briefs for electrotechnology projects.
UEENEEE084A Write specifications for electrotechnology engineering projects.
UEENEEE124A Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report.

Course Cost and Duration

$2, 000.00 (GST Inclusive).


Course Outcome

Upon successful completion you will be able to:
→ Prepare to conduct conformity assessment.
→ Conduct conformity assessment.
→ Document and submit conformity assessment report.