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Skills obtained in this course:


Compile and produce appropriate documentation of work operations.

Simulated Work Environment

Benefit from the close and detailed guidance of our trainers in person.

Install & Configure

Accurately follow the workplace protocol of complex processes.


If you know what to look for, you can work smarter, safer and be more productive.


Our Trainers

Mark Harvey

Being a Hazardous Areas specialist, Mark has 10+ years’ experience with engineering of Hazardous Areas.

Grant Collingwood

With over 15 years in the electrical field, Grant has specialised in HA construction for oil and gas.

Tony McKewin

As the Managing Director (and owner), Tony has 25+ years’ experience in both the mining and LNG industries. He has been training EEHA and HV since 2009. Tony is the Author of the Training material.

Andy Huntley

Andy has several years experience as a technician, inspector, superintendent, consultant,and trainer.

Greg Potter

As an experienced engineer, Greg has extensive knowledge as to EEHA, HV and EEM fields.

Paul Clack

Paul brings his vast experience in coal and goal mines as a superintendent to his classrooms.

Shaun Inglis

With 25+ years’ experience, Shaun is a valuable asset to the training and assessment of our students.

High Voltage Switching

Course Description

The High Voltage Switching Operate, Develop & Perform course is designed for students with some HV experience but require the formal training to allow them to write switching sheets, perform switching operations.

This course delivers in depth training on how to safely perform duties of a High Voltage Switching Operator. This course is a Nationally Recognised course which has been written to meet the requirements of the latest training packages; UEP – Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector Training Package and UET12 – Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package.

Electrical workers, technicians and engineers involved with maintaining high voltage electrical equipment. We cover the legislation, theory and practical aspect of high voltage installations and maintenance.Volt Edge students who hold an unrestricted electrical licence are eligible to gain a Statement of Attainment with competencies from the UET12 Transmission Package and UEP12 Generation package as listed on the next page. All other students will gain a Statement of Attainment from the UEP12 Generation Package only.

Content Delivery

This is a 3 day face to face course.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the skills to:
Operate and perform local H.V. switching.
Develop H.V. switching programs.
Control permit to work operations.

Training is completed face to face.

24hr access to Volt Edge support network.

View our calendar to see which dates suits you.

Unit of Competencies
Unit Code Unit Name
UEPOPS349 Operate local H.V. switchgear.
UEPOPS428 Develop H.V. switching programs.
UEPOPS430 Control permit to work operations.
UEPOPS456 Perform switching to a switching program.
UETTDREL16A Working safely near live electrical apparatus.
UETTDRIS44A Perform HV field switching operations to a given schedule.
UETTDRIS48A Develop high voltage switching schedule.
UETTDRIS67A Solve problems in energy system substation switching operation to a given schedule.
UETTDRISB39A Perform power system substation switching operation to a given schedule.



UET Units listed require an electrical licence to meet pre-requisite units.
See: www.training.gov.au for a full list of pre-requisite units.

Course Cost and Duration

HV Switching ( 3 days ) – $1,900.00 ( GST Free.)
HV Switching Refresher (2 days) – $1,100 (GST Incl).
HV Switching Refresher and Coordination (4 days) – $1,400 (GST Incl).
HV Switching and Coordination (5 days) – $2,200 (GST Free).


Alternative courses associated with HV Switching

We understand that sometimes combining courses or offering refreshers are much cheaper than either taking separate courses or re-doing a unit from the very beginning. Volt Edge has your back.

HV Switching Refresher – For most HV Switching Operators, their license needs to be updated every 2-3 years.

HV Switching Refresher and Coordination – Coordination on its own costs $495, but when you combine it with HV Switching Refresher, pay only $300 for the Coord units. The Coordination course will take approximately two days online to complete at your own pace.

HV Switching and Coordination – Enrol in these two courses together and save on what you would spend taking them separately.
To enrol in either HV Refresher, HV Refresher & Coordination, or HV Switching & Coordination, please go to the training calendar.