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Skills obtained in this course:

Environmental Procedures

Understand your workplaces’ role in applying environmental policies to your specific industry.


Apply communication and leadership skills to a team environment and work place operations.


Compile and produce appropriate documentation of work operations.

Risk Management

Determine likelihoods and consequences to implement appropriate procedures.


Our Trainers

Paul Clack

Paul brings his vast experience in coal and goal mines as a superintendent to his classrooms.

Industry White Card

Course Description

This course is only applicable to Queensland.
There are many people who need a white card, such as:
→ Site Managers.
→ Supervisors.
→ Surveyors.
→ Labourers.
→ radespeople.
→ People who access operational construction zones (unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person).
→ Person wanting to work in the construction industry with safety.
→ Workers whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones.

Course Delivery

Enrol online, complete the face to face course, finalise your paperwork and then receive your White Card.
Complete in 3-4 hours (+ Assessment).

From the 1st of February 2019, the course requirements have changed and now includes direct real time observation of the learner by an assessor and students having access to PPE during the assessment. To meet these requirements, training must delivered face to face unless the student is located at least 100km away from the nearest RTO offering face to face delivery, in which case, the course can be completed online.

Evidence of Identity is also required – One category A + two category B OR Two category A + one category B
At least one category A document must be photographic and show a full name and date of birth (DOB).

Training is completed face to face.

24hr access to Volt Edge support network.

View our calendar to see which dates suits you.

Unit of Competencies
Unit Code Unit Name
CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry



Course Cost and Duration

$ 50.00 (GST Inclusive).


Please note: students must bring the following to training:
Your own devices (i.e. iPad or laptop)
PPE – eye protection; hearing protection; hard hat; and high visibility retro reflective vest;

One category A + two category B OR Two category A + one category B
At least one category A document must be photographic and show a full name and date of birth (DOB).

Category A document: CURRENT
• Australian Birth Certificate – full (not an Extract or a Commemorative Certificate)
• Bicentennial Birth Certificate (born in 1988)
• Australian Citizenship Certificate/Naturalisation Certificate
• Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
– Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status
– Visa Evidence Card (with PLO56 Visa)
• Queensland or Federal police officer photo identity card.
• Queensland High Risk Work licence (photographic)

CURRENT or EXPIRED – less than two years
• Australian Passport (including Australian Document of Identity)
• Foreign Passport
• Australian photo driver licence
• An Australian issued education institution student identity document (must include photo)
• An Australian issued Photo Identification Card (this has replaced the 18+ card)
• Queensland Accreditation/Authorisation (laminated)
– Driver/rider trainer; pilot/escort vehicle driver; dangerous goods driver; tow truck driver/assistant certificate
– Bus; taxi; limousine driver

Valid up to 5 years after issue:
• DIBP – ImmiCard; Temporary or Resident Visa; Document for travel to Australia. Note: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is not accepted.

Issued after 1.1.1992
Queensland Card 18+ (laminated)

CATEGORY B – must be Australian Issued document – CURRENT

• Australian Defence Force photo identity card (excluding civilians)
• Australian Firearm Licence (with photo)
• Australian Security Guard/Crowd Controller Licence (with photo)
• Department of Veterans’ Affairs/Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card (including Healthcare card)
• Education institution student identity document (without photo)
• Financial institution debit/credit card (must include signature and embossed/printed name)
• Medicare card (Green, Blue or Yellow)