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Course Description
This is the first in the series of protocol units to introduce learners to how the MODBUS protocol used in Industrial Automation to communicate with devices. Once you have completed this course you will be competent in understanding how to troubleshoot and connect devices on a MODBUS RS485 network. You will have the know-how to troubleshoot the MODBUS messages for errors on the network and to interpret them as well.

The MODBUS protocol is the oldest and still by far the most popular automation protocol in the field of process automation and SCADA.
This course gives you theory behind the Modbus Protocol as well as RS485 networking.
The course is only the RS485 networking component as a subset of our Communications and Network Topology on how MODBUS integrates into the overall control and management of plant equipment.

After completing this course, you will be able to integrate devices that are Modbus compliant.

Course Delivery
Both the theoretical and practical components of this course are delivered online in a self-paced environment.

Training is completed online and self-paced.

24hr access to Volt Edge support network.

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To gain a Statement of Attainment, you will be undertaking an accredited version of this course. This means that you will complete both the theoretical and practical components of this course.
To be eligible for the accredited version, you must meet the required pre-requisites.

To gain a Statement of Attendance, you will be undertaking a non-accredited version of this course. This means that you will complete only the theoretical component of this course.

Units of Competencies
ICTTEN416 – Install, Configure and test an internet protocol network.

Upon completion, you will be able to understand:
RS 485 Connectivity.
Modbus Communication.
Modbus Protocol Theory.
Modbus Messaging Structure.
Troubleshoot Modbus Networks.

Accredited: $ 330 (GST Free).
Non-accredited: $ 200 (GST Included).

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