Our Story

Our History
At 45 years old, an ambitious family man named Tony McKewin living in Mackay, experienced a light bulb moment. As a Deputy Mine Maintenance Manager and Electrical Engineer, he knew first hand that there lacked some quality services. They were usually expensive, far away, and not very helpful. Which is why in 2005, he founded his first labour hire business called Mackay Engineering Solutions which he later sold in 2008.

Just one year later, he began the makings of a more specialised training services business that was to become Volt Edge. Tony is uniquely placed to develop our training courses and material with the background of an electrician and the insight of an electrical engineer. In 2013, Volt Edge had found itself rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly popular nation-wide. Tony then made the decision to move Volt Edge’s headquarters from Mackay to Brisbane. In a domino effect, training locations such as Adelaide, Cairns and Perth become available.

Fast forward to the year 2019, Volt Edge now offers 65 courses in 8 different locations across Australia and enrolments of over 15, 000 students.

Our Mission Statement
Volt Edge challenges our students to learn because we understand that it’s not just about getting the job, it’s about keeping the job. We deliver affordable, flexible and effective training services online and face to face. It is the mission of Volt Edge to instil our students with the technical knowledge and confidence to do their job right.

Our Vision
While it’s in our nature to challenge the students to learn, we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve our material, quality of practicals, and our delivery. This process never ends, it’s ongoing, and we never stop striving to make it better. We’re committed to deliver a high calibre of excellence when it comes to the education and support network that gives our students the edge. Our goal is to become Australia’s most reliable and credible electrical training service company.

Our Culture
We’re a fast growing small business that invests in the well-being and growth of our staff and students. As a company, we are constantly challenging ourselves to achieve a high standard of efficiency and quality. Our workplace is filled with both fun sarcastic banter and challenging discussions. As a team, we push for more everyday.

Our Facts
We know that numbers speak more than words, so let us show Volt Edge’s 2018 statistics.

Want confirmation more than numbers? Call our admin on 1300 761 366 or send us an email here to see for yourself first-hand if we live up to our promises and reputation.

Otherwise, click here to view our testimonials page where you can see what previous students have to say about the quality of our material, delivery and attitude.