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PID Controls

Course Description
As offered by Volt Edge, this unit covers providing solutions to predictable problems in process control loops.
It encompasses working safely, applying logical problem solving procedures, evaluating performance, the use of measuring devices, providing solutions to predictable control problems, and documenting solutions.

Course Delivery
Both the theoretical and practical components of this course are delivered online in a self-paced environment.

Training is completed online and self-paced.

24hr access to Volt Edge support network.

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To gain a Statement of Attainment, you will be undertaking an accredited version of this course. This means that you will complete both the theoretical and practical components of this course.
To be eligible for the accredited version, you must meet the required pre-requisites.

To gain a Statement of Attendance, you will be undertaking a non-accredited version of this course. This means that you will complete only the theoretical component of this course.

Units of Competencies

Unit Code Unit Name
UEENEEI106A Set up and adjust PID control loops.



Unit Code Unit Name
UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace.
UEENEEE104A Solve problems in d.c. circuits.
UEENEEE107A Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications.
UEENEEI101A Use instrumentation drawings, specification, standards and equipment manuals.
UEENEEI102A Solve problems in pressure measurement components and systems.
UEENEEI103A Solve problems in density/level measurement components and systems.
UEENEEI104A Solve problems in flow measurement components and systems.
UEENEEI105A Solve problems in temperature measurement components and systems.
UEENEEG101A Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits.
UEENEEG102A Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits.
UEENEEE119A Solve problems in multiple path extra low voltage (ELV) a.c. circuits.


Upon successful completion, students will have the skills to:
Prepare to work on process control loops.
Solve process control loops problems.
Complete work and provide status report(s).

Accredited: $ 640 (GST Free).
Non-accredited: $ 395 (GST Incl).

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