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EEM Labour Hire

An Engineering work force with flexibility.

We have over 500 Electricians available, competent in:
High Voltage Switching and Maintenance.
Hazardous Area Electricians small projects, annual leave or turn key projects.
Instrumentation calibration and maintenance.

We have over 50 Instrument Technicians, competent to perform:
Instrumentation installs and maintenance.
Instrumentation calibrations.
Instrumentation small projects.
Instrumentation large projects.

We have a Full time Engineering staff experienced in:
Classification and Design of Hazardous Areas.
High Voltage Design.
Instrumentation design.
PLC and SCADA configuration.

Contact Volt Edge for a quote, we can supply hourly or daily rates.

Volt Edge is a specialist supplier of underground Electricians for long term or short term position in the coal mines in the Bowen Basin. We are also a supplier of Electrical Project Engineers, Electrical Supervisors and EEM’s ( Electrical Engineering Managers).

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