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    Hazardous Area Inspections/Audits

    Do you need an inspection or audit done for a Hazardous Area?
    Our experienced hazardous engineers can inspect, design and audit hazardous areas.
    We have 3 hazardous area engineers and they conduct work all over Australia.

    Our Engineers can:
    Ensure equipment is suitable to a particular design.
    Design Hazardous Area Installations.
    Design and write site procedures.
    Carry out Training Gap Analysis.

    Installation Inspections
    Our Engineers can conduct:
    Hazardous Area Inspections including ‘H’ Class Inspectors in Victoria.
    Hazardous area compliance checks.
    Our Electricians / Engineers can audit existing installations.
    Create an audit report.
    Create a punch list for repairs.
    Do ITR Inspection and Test Reports.
    Review and modify your site procedures.
    Carry Out Visual, Close and Detailed inspections.

    Hazardous Area audits.
    IS Audits.
    Audit you site.
    Training Gap Analysis.
    Carry Out Visual, Close and Detailed inspections.

    So what are you waiting for?
    Contact Volt Edge for all your Hazardous Area requirements call us now on 1300 761 366 or Email Us.