Give Yourself an Edge over the Competition, with EEHA Training and Other Hazardous Areas Courses in Brisbane

Are you an electrician, technician, or engineer? Do you sometimes take on jobs that put you in areas or situations that could be deemed ‘hazardous’? Do you want to expand the horizons of the types of services that you can offer to your clients?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the three questions above, then you might benefit from enrolling in a hazardous area course in Brisbane. At Volt Edge, we can help give you an edge over your competitors, with specialist hazardous area training in Brisbane.

What Our Hazardous Area Courses in Brisbane Entail
As you might expect, there are various types of hazardous area training that you can take. At Volt Edge, we offer several of these—including EEHA training courses, Certificate IV training courses and more.

EEHA stands for Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas. This course covers subjects related to the installation or maintenance of equipment in hazardous areas. Students will learn about attending to equipment breakdowns, installing explosion-protected hardware and wiring systems, maintaining equipment, conducting testing and inspections of hazardous area installations and more. The course addresses working in potentially dangerous scenarios such as coal mining, gas atmospheres, dust atmospheres, and pressurisation. As a five-day course, EEHA training in Brisbane will teach you how to handle hazardous area equipment work per relevant Australian Standards, including AS/NZS 4761.1 and AS/NZS 4761.2.

Volt Edge’s EEHA Brisbane course is intended for new starters in industries such as coal mining, petrochemical, and liquified natural gas. However, the material is engaging and valuable enough that even professionals who have worked in these industries for several years have something to gain from enrolling in our EEHA training in Brisbane. If you have already taken a training course but need a refresher, note that Volt Edge also offers a two-day refresher course for EEHA in Brisbane.

Beyond EEHA, Volt Edge also offers several other hazardous area courses in Brisbane. Our Certificate IV training options include courses for electrical training, instrumentation training, and gap training. Our Cert IV course in hazardous areas focuses on working with explosion protection technologies, while the Cert IV in electrical instrumentation course covers calibration, rectification, instrument drawings and more. The Cert IV Gap Training course, meanwhile, is meant for students who have completed EEHA training and are interested in pursuing a Certificate IV. The course covers knowledge gaps between these two proficiencies.

Other hazardous area training options available in Brisbane include a Hazardous Area Design, Plan and Classification course, a Hazardous Area Inspectors course and an HA Verification Dossier course.

Not Sure Which Course Is Right for You? Call Volt Edge to Plan Your Curriculum
If you aren’t sure where to start with your hazardous area training in Brisbane, feel free to call Volt Edge directly. In most cases, EEHA training is the right place to start. However, if you have already taken EEHA training, or have considerable experience working in hazardous areas already, a higher-level course might be more appropriate. Volt Edge can help you plan a curriculum pathway so that you become the hazardous area specialist you want to be.

To get started, reach us on 1300 761 366.