Looking for Your HV Switching Ticket? High Voltage Operator Training Available

All the best things in life require a little investment and effort, and finding a rewarding career is no exception. Still, many lucrative jobs in the modern-day workforce remain open—not because they are beyond the capabilities of ordinary people, but because they require specific skills. When you see such a job, you have two choices: you can write it off because you don’t already possess the training, or you can learn some new skills and open a brand-new opportunity for yourself. Expanding your horizons with some high quality vocational training is much easier than waiting for a job you’re already qualified for to land in your lap, and the results can be both exciting and highly rewarding.

Look at HV switching, for example. It’s wonderful to have your electrical license, but training as a high voltage switching operator offers you much more: a high level of employability, the probability of a better salary and numerous benefits when you land a job. In most cases, however, you’ll need a high voltage switching ticket to qualify for such a position. The good news is that earning a high voltage switching ticket can be much easier than many people assume. In fact, those of you with an Unrestricted Electrical License can make plenty of headway by taking a high voltage training course near you and developing some of the additional skills you’ll need.

When you’re looking for high voltage operator training in your area, one of your best options is to contact Volt Edge. Volt Edge is one of the leading vocational trainers for electrical work in many Australian cities, and our approach focuses on providing eager students with real skills they can use in the workplace. When you deal with us, you’ll spend most of your time getting comfortable with practical tasks you’re likely to encounter on the job. We offer high quality training that goes beyond theory to provide you with competencies that will make you valuable to employers, and essential to your co-workers.

High Voltage Operator Training for the Real World
Our high voltage training courses will teach you how to perform the functions of a switching operator safely. Designed specifically to meet the requirements set forth by the most recent industry training packages, these courses are intended for electrical workers who are currently involved in the maintenance and service of HV electrical equipment. You’ll already be comfortable with much of the relevant industry terminology, so these courses will focus mostly on the tangible elements of installing and maintaining high voltage systems. Current legislation and theory will also be covered in detail, especially for experienced students seeking a refresher course.

Gain the Edge with Volt Edge
If you’re interested in going from general electrical work to something more focused and lucrative, HV operator training could be your best bet. Move one step closer to earning your switching ticket when you contact Volt Edge, and let us give you the knowledge you’ll need to master an exciting new profession. Dial 1300 761 366 to reach us directly.