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We are now delivering a wide range of training via Live Web. This means, we have flexible options for you to complete courses from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Face to Face training is still scheduled for Brisbane, Mackay, Sydney, Melbourne and Onsite by request.

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Who can study HV Switching

Are you a qualified Electrician or electrical worker looking to upskill and further your career? Or maybe your employer needs you to upskill to perform more jobs?

Who can study HV Switching

The High Voltage (HV) Switching course is nationally accredited and covers legislation, theory, and practical requirements to perform the role of a High Voltage Switching Operator.

This is a popular skill set among electrical workers and it is a valuable certificate to have when looking at upskilling or performing certain work.

Because legislation and training competencies change over time, it can be difficult for electrical workers to know the current eligibility requirements to complete HV Switching courses and other accredited courses. Therefore, we recommend with the alignment of industry standards that students refresh their HV Switching at least every 3 years. This is to ensure they are current and keeping up with changes that occur within the industry.


Students who hold an unrestricted electrical licence will obtain all 9 units of competency on their statement of attainment. Students who don’t hold an electrical licence will obtain the 4 UEP units on their statement of attainment.

This training will suit you if you are (but not limited to):

  • An electrical worker
  • A Technician
  • An Engineer involved with maintaining high voltage electrical equipment
  • Non electrical personnel

Who can study HV Switching

While there aren’t any restrictions on who can study the course, most students will generally have some electrical background and understanding of High Voltage work.

Who can study HV Switching

HV Switching Refresher

The refresher course is for students who have previously completed the full HV Switching course and need to refresh their knowledge to keep up with changes in the industry.

To be eligible to complete the refresher, students must hold the units of competency from a High Voltage Switching course from an Australian Registered Training Organisation.

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